SCDXA Christmas Party #ND7J #NewsAnnouncments

Bob ND7J

Well another year, and another Christmas party has passed us by.

Our group continues to grow each year, with additions of many great new members.  As of now, (Reflector count) membership  is at 67.

It looked as though we all had a good time, and I hope by addressing some of last years issues we all enjoyed the food / service and the party.

I am going to set up a poll to be sure we all felt comfortable,and enjoyed the Bonefish Grill
For those who attended please give me your input. by using the poll. (Separate post)

For those of you unable to attend, I hope to see you next year.  I think it was a great time.
My only regret is not being able to spend more time with each and everyone.

Matt, WG4MC  also passed the  N0TR  Gentleman's Cup "  to Fred K4RM.
Thank you all for coming.
Also wishing everyone in the SCDXA  Happy Holidays, a great  New Year, BUT most of ALL>>>>GOOD DX!!

Bob C / ND7J    bob@...     828-696-5104